“Serving/Volunteering as a control operator is a privilege and is taken seriously by the Board and Members of the MRC91 repeater club. This select group of individuals has agreed to abide by the guidelines set forth in the following document”

MRC91 Control Operator Overview:

Control Operators are given access to a series of codes which allows them to remotely manipulate both the main and various remote sites as needed. The access codes they are given are to be considered confidential and for their exclusive use only. The codes are never to be shared or divulged to individuals outside of this select group of club members.

The control operators are not the “repeater police” and we do not want them to correct or reprimand any users of the repeater over the air unless it is a flagrant violation of the FCC rules. The control operators can and do have the authority to shut down any or all parts of the MRC91 repeater system when and if the conversation or malicious interference violated any FCC Part 97 rules.

MRC91 Trustee Duties:

The Trustee is considered to be the “lead control operator” and as such is responsible for the actions of the control operators. The Trustee is required to prepare a monthly report to be presented at each monthly membership meeting. In addition, the club officers may request a report at anytime for any reason. Upon such a request, the Trustee shall have 5 days to deliver the requested report.

MRC91 Control Operator Duties:

First and foremost we are known as “The Friendly One”. Control operators should be an example of good amateur practices, be able to work well with others and be part of a productive team. They must be willing to take this position seriously and understand that the membership and the license of the club largely depends on their actions.

The control operators will work in conjunction with the Trustee and the Officers of the club to comply with the Rules and Regulations set forth under Part 97 by the FCC.

They must report any actions they take as a control operator as soon as practical but in no case more than 24 hours after such action and the reason for said action to the club Trustee.

All control operators must maintain a current copy of the control operators manual and return their copy when and if requested by either the Trustee or a Board member. In addition they will be required to attend a short training session where they will have the opportunity to ask questions of their role.

In addition they should:

  1. Attend meetings and activities as often as possible
  2. Monitor the repeater as often as possible to keep their finger on the pulse of what is going on
  3. Be flexible and willing to give and take directions
  4. Communicate problems and/or ideas among other control operators, the club Trustee and the MRC91 Board as needed

Changes to this document:

Changes to this control operators document can be made by a quorum at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.

MRC91 Control Operator Removal Process:

Although the Control Operators are considered a committee, they will remain in their position regardless of any change of the Board of Directors but may be removed under the following circumstances:

  1. Resignation
  2. Not current with membership dues
  3. Non Compliance with expectations and duties and/or requirements set forth in these guidelines
  4. Become a 'Silent Key'

Removal of a Control Operator will be done in a three step process:

  1. A valid complaint, problem or request from a MRC91 club officer for removal will be addressed at a regular membership meeting. After a discussion, the Control Operator will be provided the opportunity to defend themselves if desired.
  2. A vote will be set for the following regular meeting. The process will be posted in the meeting minutes and posted on the MRC91 web site prior to the vote at the subsequent meeting. During this period the control operator will be requested to not exercise any control operator functions until the outcome of the vote is determined.
  3. An outcome will be determined and finalized by a membership vote at the following months meeting.

Addition of a Control Operator (as needed):

To add a club member who is in good standings to the control operators group, a motion can be made at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. After a discussion as to what would make them a good candidate to join the control operators group, a person could be voted in by the attending membership or tabled for a subsequent meeting with no action taken.

MRC91 Trustee Removal Process:

The MRC91 Trustee who is responsible for the WI9MRC club license is appointed by the Board of the MRC91 repeater club and as such does not require a vote of the membership. This individual can be removed at any time for any reason and a replacement Trustee named by the Board to take effect immediately again without a vote of the membership. In the event that the Board does change the Trustee it will be the Boards responsibility to notify the FCC of the change in a timely manner not to exceed 10 days.

04/17/2019 – Original Document
Revised: 04/18/2019 – Corrections/additions requested by club membership