The MRC Control Operators

The "Control Ops" are available to assist all repeater users in making "Emergency" telephone calls, and to answer any question you may have about the operation of the system. The Control OP's have the ability to access the higher level functions of the system controllers, and enable or disable individual receive sites throughout the system as the need arises.

The Control Ops are NOT the "Repeater Police", however they are the people watching for, and may make suggestions or take action when anything happens on the repeater that is in violation of the F.C.C. rules, or endangers the License of the repeater "Trustee".

In March of 2019, the Milwaukee Repeater Club adopted the "Control Operators Guidelines". This document outlines the duties of the Control Ops, and expresses what the Club Membership expects from all users of the Repeater.

MRC Control Operators as of April 2021

K9AYL Bert Rognsvoog (Trustee)
KD9AEZ Matt Zimmermann
KD9HCW Corey Becker
KD9JKC Blake Klingle