SKYWARN Severe Weather Nets

Learn the weather reporting criteria and how to format your on-air report.

Use this logging sheet to keep track of your observations.

Download the 2020 Skywarn Training Packet here.

Unless otherwise requested by a SKYWARN net control station only the following should be reported:

TORNADO (Include compass direction you are looking)
WATERSPOUT (Include compass direction you are looking)
FUNNEL CLOUD (Include compass direction you are looking)
ROTATING WALL CLOUD (Include compass direction you are looking)
SEVERE FLOODING Water above curbs, Blocked or Impassible roads, Water causing property damage, Washed out bridges or rail tracks.
SEVERE DAMAGE Trees & limbs, Power Poles, Wires, Roofs, Roads, Walls, Windows, Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Crops, Sink Hole, Mudslide.
Severe Winds Any gust over 58 MPH. Measured or estimated? Threshold of Structural damage.
Any Size Hail. Measured or estimated? Estimate largest size by comparing with coins or sports ball.

Make your reports using the 4W method

  • WHO:  your call sign that the event was witnessed
  • WHAT:  you observed or experienced (estimated, measured), compass direction you are looking for observations aloft (funnels and tornadoes).
  • WHERE (choose what's best):  Address-city-county [OR] Intersection-city-county [OR] Distance and direction to nearest city in your county + county [OR] lat and long info in decimal degrees + one of the above.
  • WHEN: You observed it in 12 hour format