8pm Sunday Night

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Good evening! On behalf of the MRC91 repeater I would like to welcome you to the Sunday Night Public Service Standard Announcement net. This is (NAME/CALL) and I am located in (CITY) and will be acting as your net control operator this evening.

Before we start, if anyone should have emergency traffic during this net, please let me know and we will stop the net and handle your emergency.

Check-ins are in alphabetical segments based on the first letter following the numeral in your call sign. Mobile stations may ignore the roll call segments and check in at any time it is safe to do so. During check-ins, please respond with your call sign slowly in standard phonetics, your first name and whether you have traffic or not. If you miss your segment feel free to check in anytime.

We will now begin check-ins with any mobile stations, mobile stations come now please:

We will now proceed with the alphabetical segment:

A-Alpha thru F-Foxtrot

G-Golf thru K-Kilo

L-Lima thru P-Papa

Q-Quebec thru V-Victor

W-Whiskey thru Z-Zulu

Again, this is (NAME/CALL) your net control operator this evening.

OK, first on the list is the MRC91 club meeting information:

Unless otherwise noted on this net, the MRC91 membership meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Waterstone Bank, 6560 South 27th Street in Oak Creek in their lower level conference room accessible by both stairs or elevator. The meeting starts at 7PM however the room is usually open by 6PM. Your attendance and participation is greatly appreciated. If you cannot attend, please continue to contact the MRC91 officers with your ideas, suggestions or complaints. The officers represents you, the membership, so thanks for those of you who continue to participate.

Also, if you are not yet a member of the MRC91 repeater please consider joining the club as your dues help to keep the repeater on the air. Membership information is on the club web site:

Nets on the MRC91 Repeater:

The MRC91 Repeater has nets 7 nights a week which are open to all licensed amateur radio operators. You do not have to be a member to participate in our nets so please feel free to join us but again your club membership is appreciated.

Sunday at 8PM the Public Service Announcement Net:

This is the net you are currently listening to. Here is the place to air public service events, meetings and other information of interest to the amateur radio community.

Sunday at 9PM the Sunday Night Swap Net:

Here is the place to buy and sell both amateur radio and computer gear.

Monday at 6:30PM the Kid's Corner Net:

This net, run by kid's for kid's is specifically designed for those hams under the age of 18. For those without a license, under your supervision, we welcome third party traffic. Here is your opportunity to give your kid's a taste of ham radio! Adults may check in if desired but should limit their participation as we want the kid's to lead the discussion.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7PM the Open Topic Discussion Net:

As the name implies, here is your chance to tell us what's new with you or just check-in to see if your radio is still working. As a participant you are also welcome and encouraged to suggest a topic of interest that other can comment on if you desire. These nets are specifically intended to get you, the user, to participate in hopefully a lively group discussion that changes from net to net.

Thursday at 7PM the Computer/Tech Net:

Here is the place to ask questions about your computer, radio or other technical devices or simply discuss new technology.

Saturday at 8PM the Pink Hamsters Young Ladies Net:

This is an open topic discussion for ladies only. The net does encourage third party traffic so ladies please join in.

Saturday at 9PM the Fun Net:

Time to have FUN!  This net is not only fun but is a great opportunity to learn and practice handling net control traffic. We encourage you to try a net or two just for the experience and don't have to consider this a long term commitment if you don't feel comfortable with your experience. As the net control operator you get to chose the topic for the net so the topics will vary from week to week but are intended to be both fun and entertaining. As such, you'll have to join us each week to find out this weeks topic.

Please note that most nets are always on the lookout for new net control operators. If you would like to try a net or two please contact our club president Karen, KC9WQJ to express your interest. With nets 7 nights a week we are sure we can find a net that will suit your interests. All net scripts are on the club web site for your review.

Again, this is (NAME/CALL), your net control operator this evening. Please stand by: (allow repeater to recycle)

Amateur Exam Schedule and Fees:

Note that all exam sessions now require your FCC FRN number and will no longer accept a Social Security number. There are details on the MRC91 home page with information on how to obtain an FRN number for those that don't already have one.  Also please note that all exam sessions and conditions are subject to change so it is suggested to verify that the exam session you are interested in will still be conducted.


Testing is normally held on the last Saturday of the month EXCEPT for June and August from 9:30AM to 11AM at Ham Radio Outlet, 5710 W Good Hope Road. There is a $5.00 fee required. Please note that they do not accept checks or credit cards.


Testing is normally held on the first Saturday of even numbered months from 9 to 11AM at Faith United Methodist Church, 1013 Harmony Dr. They required a $15.00 fee.


Testing is normally on the first Saturday of every month at the UW Space Place, 2300 Park Street. They require a $15.00 fee.

All testing usually permits walk-ins only and they prefer you arrive early. You must provide two forms of I.D. and one must be a photo I.D. As mentioned above you must now supply your FCC FRN number and if upgrading you must bring your original license and one good photo copy which the examiner will retain if you successfully pass your exam.

CQ Food:

Who doesn't enjoy a great food gathering? Many clubs get together for more great conversations and fun after their meetings. Some clubs do a Saturday breakfast or a Friday Fish Fry. For additional information please visit our club web site at

Are there any corrections or additions to these announcements?

(If needed) Next up on the traffic list is ________________. The net is yours:

After the additional traffic is completed, do one final call for check-ins: 

At this time are there any additional check-ins? A-Alpha thru Z-Zulu come now please.

Before ending the net ask:  

Is there any final business for this net?

Hearing none, this concludes the Public Service Standard Announcements for the MRC91 repeater Sunday night net. We will now secure this net at ______PM. Thank you all for participating. We will now return the repeater to normal amateur use.

This is (NAME/CALL), 73 and good night. Thanks everyone!

WN 05/21/2020    Original Document
WN 09/26/2020    Revised net descriptions/wording changes