Nomination Process for January 16, 2019 MRC 91 Election

We are going to use the following Nomination Process for the 2019 Milwaukee Repeater Club Board of Directors Election. Please Read this notice and share it, talk about it with others and be part of this process. We are looking for Members in good standing (must be a paid Member prior to running for Office or being able to Vote) to either Nominate themselves or others. This year, it will be your responsibility to contact the person(s) you want to Nominate, and once they have agreed to run for a position, only then can you send their Name, Call, and contact information along with the desired position(s) they will be running for.  You are absolutely able to Nominate yourself as well. We will not be calling, or contacting all members on an individual basis, as things are changing over time and it is no longer necessary. All confirmed Nominations will be posted on the web page, and yes, Nominations will be accepted from the floor during the Election Process. All Nomination information will be sent to the following email address. Voting will be by Paper Ballot.

All Nominations will be verified by several Members and then Posted to the web page. The Incumbents that are running for 2019 Election, and have been confirmed are:

KC9WQJ Karen run as President       KD9JKC Blake run as Vice President

KD9HFW Jason run as Secretary      KD9FIQ Heather run as Treasurer

 KC9PQD Ron will not seek re-election