The Friendly One ~


We encourage the new, as well as the seasoned Amateur Radio operator to make use of our repeater system. The Milwaukee Repeater is an open repeater, and newcomers are welcome. Stop by and visit us while in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our nickname is "The Friendly One" because we try very hard to make the 146.91 a great place for hams to meet their friends and to make new ones.


The leadership of the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club has asked me to pass
this information on to you:

Due to concerns with the Corona Virus and in consideration of advice
from public health sources, the Annual Jefferson Swapfest (3/15)
sponsored by the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club had been cancelled.  73



We are pleased to announce two new Nets to the repeater


We are pleased to announce that we are adding two Nets to the repeater. On Monday evening at 630 pm, we are introducing “Kids Corner”..a net geared towards getting more youth on the air. Recently we spoke with two local Hams, WI9EJR Etienne Extra Class age 11 and KD9NZB Max Technician Class age 8, and both young men are excited and anxious to participate in our new net. Many of you have children and/or grandchildren that you would love to inspire and encourage to get on the air. Here is your opportunity. If you are unable to have them on the air third party, please encourage them to listen on our live feed on “Broadcastify”.  This feature is found on our web site ​ Simply look on the bottom of the front page and click on the speaker icon. This can be done on a laptop,  home computer or smartphone.  Also, anyone under 18, who tests for their Amateur Radio License on the last Saturday of every month at the MRAC VE Testing session, and mentions “Kids Corners, the Milwaukee Repeater Club will cover the testing fee for their first test. We are hoping you all support these youth by at minimum, listen. Who knows, they may ask for some participation from the OM’s and YL’S out there listening. Stay tuned……​(All third party traffic requires the licensed amateur to remain at the station at all times)


“ A penny for your thoughts….”

To get this net started we are going to have random times throughout the day were an Amateur will announce a QST for this net. It will simply be “a penny for your thoughts” … “what’s on your mind today?” This net is an open topic discussion…(ok, we always try to steer away from Politics and Religion) however there are millions of things to discuss like travel, movies, books, a new project, your most recent trip to the “Candy Store”, propagation, a good restaurant…

So to all of you who say “I listened all day and didn’t hear much traffic”, it is your turn to get on the air not just listen..There are many of you who forgot the “PTT” feature on you radio...Lets all get “radioactive” again and have some fun. When and if we figure out a time this net seems the most popular, we may make it a scheduled event. Until then, “73”  and we will catch ya down the log.


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HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams

Announcement from:
Milwaukee, WI


FCC now requires new applicants to register in CORES

The FCC recently announced that all new license candidates for an amateur radio license must register in CORES prior to taking an amateur radio exam. This process will generate an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to be used in place of a Social Security number on Form 605. The FCC produced a video about this process, which you can view here,

We strongly encourage you to register if you have not done so. Eventually the FCC will no longer accept Social Security numbers on Form 605. To register, go HERE. [Link to] Any questions, contact the FCC using the phone number or email address posted on the CORES page.

The MRAC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator will not have the capabilities for candidates to register on CORES at a testing session. If you have not registered and if you do no have an FRN, you will NOT be able to take an examination!

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