The Friendly One ~


We encourage the new, as well as the seasoned Amateur Radio operator to make use of our repeater system. The Milwaukee Repeater is an open repeater, and newcomers are welcome. Stop by and visit us while in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our nickname is "The Friendly One" because we try very hard to make the 146.91 a great place for hams to meet their friends and to make new ones.


We are pleased to announce two new Nets to the repeater


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HamTestOnline - online courses for the ham radio exams

Sunday at 8PM the Sunday Night Public Service Announcements

Here is the place to get a weekly update of anything of interest to the Amateur Radio community. Meetings, Nets, Testing, Swapfests and such.

Sunday at 9PM the Sunday Night Swap Net:

Here is the place to buy and sell both amateur radio and computer gear.

Monday at 6:30PM the Kid's Corner Net:

This net, run by kid's for kid's is specifically designed for those hams under the age of 18 and welcomes third party traffic. Adults may check in if desired but should limit their participation.

Tuesday at 7PM the Pet Net:

Here is the net to tell us all about those amazing pets you have, would like to have, or have had in the past. Anything pet or animal related is on topic so please feel free to share any and all pet stories with the group.

Wednesday at 7PM the Open Topic Discussion Net:

This is an open topic discussion net and typically does not have a specific topic. Here is your chance to provide an update on what is new in your world, suggest a topic or just check in and say “Hello”.

Thursday at 7PM the Computer/Tech Net:

Here is the place to ask questions about your computer, radio or other technical devices or simply discuss new technology.

Friday at 7PM the Food Net:

As the name implies, let's discuss food. Whether you cook or not, here is to chance to tell us your favorite food, preparation techniques or share your special recipes or restaurants with the group.

Saturday at 8PM the Pink Hamsters Young Ladies Net:

This is an open topic discussion for ladies only. The net does encourage third party traffic, so ladies please join in.

Saturday at 9PM the Fun Net:

Time to have FUN! As the net control operator you get to choose the topic for the net so  topics will vary from week to week but are intended to be both fun and entertaining. As such, you'll have to join us each week to find out this week's topic. This net is not only fun but is a great opportunity to learn and practice handling net control traffic.


Please note that most nets are always on the lookout for new net control operators. If you would like to try a net or two please contact our club president Karen, KC9WQJ to express your interest. All net scripts are on the club web site for your review.

Testing Info:

DO NOT call Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) to ask questions about testing!

Please Visit the MRAC VEC website at for testing updates.

Announcement from:
Milwaukee, WI


FCC now requires new applicants to register in CORES

The FCC recently announced that all new license candidates for an amateur radio license must register in CORES prior to taking an amateur radio exam. This process will generate an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to be used in place of a Social Security number on Form 605. The FCC produced a video about this process, which you can view here,

We strongly encourage you to register if you have not done so. Eventually the FCC will no longer accept Social Security numbers on Form 605. To register, go to Any questions, contact the FCC using the phone number or email address posted on the CORES page.

The MRAC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator will not have the capabilities for candidates to register on CORES at a testing session. If you have not registered and if you do no have an FRN, you will NOT be able to take an examination!

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